Study Autocad in 7 Days Online

 First Command  - Line

type l in autocad command line

click start position 

then make mouse proper direction for line

Enter lenght of line in key board

then press esc if finish

if continues enter another dimension after finish click enter

(note : -  if ortho on you can draw in 90 degree lines, if polar angle set can draw particular angle, if osnap on it will help drawing end point , midpoint , center etc) i will upload video late.

 Next Command circle

1) write c in command line
2) click center point in autocad window
3) move mouse proper direction
4) enter radius 
video turial
  Next Command  Erace

1) write e in command line
2) select one or multible object in autocad window
3) click enter or mouse right click (equal to enter)

 Next Command offset

1) write o in command line
2) select one object in autocad window
3) move mouse proper direction
4) enter offset distance

click esc key if finish
 Next Command fillet ( fillet used to join to lines )

1) write f in command line
2) select first object ( if radius requed enter r  in keyboard and type radius)
3) select another object
4) click enter to finish

 Next Command trim ( trim need to cut object cross to another )

1) write t in command line
2) select all object to trim
3) click enter
4) click postilion want to trim
5) click enter to finish

click esc key if finish
 Next Command move )

1) write in command line
2) select one object or multiple object
3) click enter
4) select snap point of moving object
5) mouse proper direction to move or ( click destination point and enter key finish)
5) enter distance to move
6) click enter

i will release video of this command

Will continue lesson .. check website regularly

if doubt contact email

my demo video

Make a website to make money

First we want to know HTML language

open note pad in your computer
type following code for display hello world


<title>This is my first website</title>
<h1>hello world</h1>
the above sample html

every html start with <html> tag that close in last like </html>
the website must contain one heading part start with <head> that close like</head>
inside <head> website title include like <title> enter your site title </title>

in <body> tag you write all website content

their is number of formating tags for display text , in about example i user <h1> </h1>

 2) website class
make website page
<title>This is my first website</title>
<div id="header">
this is my heading part,
here i will place my company name logo , navigation etc.
<div id="content">
this is my content area.
here i will place company profile. picture etc
<div id="footer">
this footer area
this is common to all page  in website
footer area also put some common information like contact address , mobile number , email
website make company, copywrite etc


in above example is common structure of a website

each items i put in <div> sections

that close like </div>

each div i give id , like 
<div id="header">

this id used for style this section like color , font , height, width etc

this is first example . so does not include style now

next classes i will show you how make beautifull this website by apply style in each div

class will continue. check website regularly